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Text Message LOL

Fun is the most important factor with regards to maintaining a very healthy way of life. Many scientific studies over a period of time have proved how the individuals with sense of humor may have greater and healthier lifetime of life. Nowadays where time means everything you normally don't have the time to study the different fun books or pocket joke books. Therefore, you think where I can read funny text messages.

Internet comes up an important source of humorous material. You can read the various jokes or fun related topics on the move and may also read them on a future time or time. When reading these fun related messages always transform it into a habit to save your chosen ones in a Notepad or a WordPad file. In this way you can even enjoy them in a later stage. If you can remember them this could be great that you can be part of it your friend circle. Person with a good humor is regarded as a lifeline of a good social circle.

You can also send the funny one-liners in your friends. A pleasant joke can bring a smile and evaporate many a tensions in ones life. There are many websites like,, etc which have got a great assortment of various funny jokes and messages. A simple trip to websites like these will make your task much easier.

Text Message LOL

You can even send these free funny text messages in the various websites (who keep the free send SMS feature in selected countries) to the various mobile numbers without charge. You ought to make it a practice of sending these messages along with of sharing them within the social gatherings because these may go quite a distance in building healthy and long lasting relationships.

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